How will dynamic design improve aged care in Australia?

Why are dynamic spaces essential for aged care?

As more Australians enter aged care facility, it is critical that operators employ a dynamic mindset in their design approach. Today we’ll look at what exactly this means, and some examples of having a healthcare facility in a constant state of evolution – will it work for you?

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There are many ways to build inclusion in Australia's healthcare design.

How can we make Australian medical practice design more inclusive?

The level of diversity on display right across Australia is enormous – but does medical fitout design reflect this? By incorporating a range of experiences and identities into the way healthcare facilities are created, we can truly make fitouts that are for every single person in the country.

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Will digital disruption reach Australia's healthcare sector?

Can Amazon and Apple disrupt Australia’s healthcare?

Apple and Amazon have both made recent forays into the healthcare sector, suggesting that it could be the next Australian industry to undergo significant change. But how exactly can these digital giants change the way we do things, and what will the implications be for your medical organisation?

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Reducing the carbon footprint in Australian healthcare

With The Lancet recently confirming that Australia’s healthcare sector is responsible for seven per cent of the nation’s carbon emissions, now is the time to consider how we can reduce this. We can start by implementing greener building practices, here are three examples of how we can do so.

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