Design Development

Once you’ve attained your site and all relevant approvals, we’ll move on to the next stage: Design development. This is where your project begins to come together as a cohesive whole, taking its first steps from being an empty site to your brand new medical centre.

Developing a project brief
The design development process begins with our team meeting yours. Together we’ll creating a project brief. This will typically include a preliminary budget, an optimal date for your new site, and a detailed report of the equipment you use and how you prefer to use it. This last part is extremely important. We want the best for your practice, and your practice wants the best for your patients – it’s imperative we establish a firm understanding of how each healthcare professional maximises their efficiency in their work environments for the best overall outcome.

Beginning the initial design
Once the project brief has been agreed upon by all parties, we begin the sketching process. Whether it’s a new fit-out for an existing space or an entirely new build, our designers will sit down and draw up a number of possible layouts based on your site, your medical field, and your budget. We call this a ‘test fit plan’ and usually you will be provided with a few options you can choose from or amalgamate.

Presenting the final design
Following your approval of our designs, we create a detailed presentation showing off a 3D model of the completed build, including final finishes and elevations. Once this has been approved, we provide a documentation package, including all drawings for tender, and then we’re ready to take your project to the next level: of starting the physical development.

The Space For Health difference
Space For Health‘s expert designers have an edge; they too understand how the equipment works. This makes things a lot easier for healthcare professionals since they are talking to designers who understand the tools of the doctor’s trade – not just what they do, but how they’re used. This enables us to design a space that does more than provide a welcoming and safe atmosphere for your patients, but also helps doctors deliver their services in the most effective way possible.
We also understand that not all medical professionals work in an identical fashion. What works for some may not work for others, and that’s why we place a particular emphasis on how you need your clinic to function – we want to provide the right solutions to meet your needs. Our designers also have a great deal of knowledge about building compliance and what sorts of restrictions you could face. We know how to meet these requirements, and how to resolve issues.

Ensuring quality from the ground up   
We have a great deal of experience in our design team. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when planning a new site, and we’ve established the means to identify these early on in the process and be ready for them when they arise. This includes things like making sure your new floors can handle the weight of MRI or CT scanning equipment, and your doors are wide enough to move the equipment in to begin with. MRI machines also need to be housed an adequate distance from ultrasound imaging equipment, as the radiation from the former could affect the latter. These are just a few of the things we take into account when we match your ideal clinic to the physical limitations of the site.
To find out more about the design development process or to kickstart the design of your new medical centre, get in contact with us today.