Pre-Design For Medical Fitout Projects

Before you invest time, funds and and resources into developing a new site, Space For Health can investigate all of the minute details of planning to ensure your project becomes the best that it can be. These Pre-Design services include site selection and tenancy feasibility studies, authority requirements, development applications such as DA and CDC, as well as legal consulting.

In the initial stages of pre design we’ll sit down and discuss your needs and where you’ll require help. You can be as involved as you’d like to be – Space For Health can lend a hand or work on your behalf. While this part of the design process can last from a matter of weeks up to a few months, depending on the size and nature of your project, we’ll keep you well informed and up-to-date with the project as it develops.

What does the ideal site look like?

The ideal site depends greatly on your practice, your patients and the needs of each. As such, the idea of an ideal site is approached on a case by case basis. Space For Health can ensure you find the best site for your practice, whether it’s refitting an existing location or undertaking a brand new build.

When it comes to site selection, the first thing we do is identify what your unique requirements are, and with those in mind we’ll assess whether a potential site can meet those needs. For a re-fit we’ll be checking the toilets, car parking and that it complies with Australian building regulations. We would also look at internal walls and assess external space for potential extension. For a new build we will ensure that the site is adequate for your needs.

Further, Space For Health also provides a tenancy feasibility study through which we can determine whether the site is appropriately matched to your customers in terms of location and expectations.

Does every project require development approval or a complying development certificate?

Securing development approval (DA) or a complying development certificate (CDC) can be a tricky process. Space For Health can help you through the procedure with our team of experienced specialists. If you’re confused about legal requirements or building regulations, this service is a great help. We can apply for these approvals on your behalf. Attaining a CDC is a faster process, a DA takes longer and is usually only required for extensive remodelling. You may not need both, but you will definitely need one or the other. Each council has it’s own variation on the process, but in general we can undertake the following on your behalf:

  • Discuss your proposal with the council
  • Prepare drawings and plans for your proposal
  • Provide a Statement of Environmental Effects report and how we can potentially mitigate any negative impact
  • Submit final application to the council

What sort of issues can arise during pre-design stage?

Designing a new medical centre is no small undertaking, and there are a few common roadblocks we come across that we, as your trusted advisors, can help you get around. Often local councils or building authorities can have restrictions in place that initial plans can’t abide by. Occasionally some municipalities will have set standards for future developments in the area. In other cases there may be objections from existing tenants or neighbours. Space For Health know how to work around these issues to deliver your idea of the perfect location for your practice.

Make an enquiry with us today and find out how we can help you in the initial stages of your new healthcare development.