Space For Health builds your vision from the ground up. That means we help you cultivate every facet of your ideal contemporary fitout.

We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our clients and achieve brilliant results. Space For Health consistently provides quality-driven designs off the back of proven project and construction processes. We’re able to integrate our client’s vision into a rigorous development construction process. We ensure that Space For Health creates fitouts that are to plan and in line with the ideas of the customer.

The Project and Construction Process

Space For Health ensures that the clients fitouts are completed within the allotted time and within budget, which adhere to our high quality standard.

We start a fitout by assessing what our clients would like to see at the conclusion of the project. Whether it be a specialist centre, medical centre, aged care facility or hospital, it’s completion hinges on developing a clear path towards an end goal. Once we have identified your vision, we’ll take you through the process that will lead to its realisation.

Keeping things on track

A skilled project manager

One of the first things Space For Health implements for your project is assigned a project manager to oversee each phase of the constructions development, from start to finish. This experienced member the team is a point of call for your project and ensures everything goes to plan.

With a wide-reaching skillset, our appointed construction manager is ready to tackle any project. With an understanding of all the necessary fitout requirements, a project manager is a driving force behind the successful completion of your project. Even more importantly, Space For Health project managers understands that construction is much more complicated than just physical labour. Staying across documentation, scheduling, finances and more; are all skills within a project manager’s repertoire. These skills then translate into effective two-way communication between you the client and our project manager, which keeps the process moving forward.

A trusted team of experts

A Space For Health fitout is large scale operation. There are multiple tasks to be completed, requiring specialists to guide you through the process. Space For Health employs quality tradesman, engineers, architects and suppliers who put the construction of your contemporary medical fitouts into motion. We have cultivated these relationships over many years. These links have led to a productive and cohesive working relationship with quality outcomes as the result.

Our team of trusted experts is at your disposal. Each project manager will monitor the work undergone, who then keeps the communication line open each client. This way you are constantly updated at each stage the construction and development process. Rest assured Space For Health are working towards your vision.

Following Procedure

Space For Health implements a tight schedule, following the project program from the initial concept through to completion. We ensure that all the required authority approvals and paperwork are complete prior to construction. This keeps each project within scope and makes certain that all safety, dispute and risk resolutions are easily met, delivering projects on time and within budget.

Budget Control

Space For Health take each part of the process, in particular, construction costs, into account as we formulate the initial estimated price of each fitout.  Upon contracting Space For Health as your design and fitout company, a set budget is provided after contracting Space For Health as your designated design and fitout company. Our team of expert project managers make it their priority to ensure we stick to your budget.  


Space For Health is on the front foot when it comes risk management, putting into place comprehensive construction insurance. We always work to the highest quality of standards, ensuring we also have a plan in place for contingencies. We are committed to providing assurance for our client, staff and whoever else is involved in the project and construction process.

Claims Management

The development process is complex and as such at Space For Health we understand what is necessary to ensure each fitout goes to plan. Most projects hinge on the cooperation between the client, contractors and different consultants. Our working relationships are excellent, due to our stringent and clear development process.

Space For Health has the knowledge and ability to identify, prepare and present any claim that affects the project and construction process. We have proactive claim management processes in place. This process begins before construction as an in-depth analysis and review is conducted with the aim of identifying any issues that may occur. Knowledge of contract information, scheduling, the need for change orders and more; all fall into focus areas for Space For Health when implementing our proactive claims management strategy.

Risk Management

Implementing a risk management strategy can help to identify potential savings which can be capitalised on throughout the construction process. A risk management system for construction operations has to be continually updated as the development takes place. It must service all facets of project and construction management including personnel, design, costings, quality, timeline and external components.

Space For Health starts by identifying all the risks involved in the project and construction process from the beginning. We assess the validity and effect of any risks and our ability to meet the requirements of the development process. From here we can establish methods that allow us to effectively monitor and control any foreseen or unforeseen risks that may occur. The result is a construction process that is timely, cost-controlled and within the high quality of standards Space For Health have set.