Healthcare Design & Fitout Services

‘We work with clients to design healthcare offices that work for them’

Space For Health’s fitout services aren’t restricted to just one speciality. We specialise in fitout and facility design for a wide range of medical and healthcare practices. We take into consideration the specific requirements involved with each specialty practice. Working with our customers to develop their ideal fitout, we continually satisfy the individual needs of every one of our clients.

Space For Health provide fitouts for:

  • Day Hospitals
  • New Healthcare Centre Builds
  • Specialists

We offer our client turnkey solutions to their medical clinic or healthcare practice fitout. Taking care of every part of the process, we guide the development of your fitout seamlessly from start to finish.

Our skilled task force of project managers, designers and contractors work with you to consistently meet predetermined goals of the fitout process. Propelled by a comprehensive brief, we meet all design needs of our clients.

We bring each conceptual design to life, as our dedicated development and construction teams get to work on building your fitout and its interior design.

Day Hospitals

Day hospitals offer surgical, diagnostic and medical care to patients on a steady basis. Their ability to service patients is critical. The aim is to achieve a high turnover of patients, treating them as effectively and efficiently as possible. This is aided through thought-out, productive design choices.

Space For Health fitouts ensure that day surgeries have the ability to treat patients as methodically, fluidly and comprehensively as possible.

Healthcare New Builds

Space For Health provides entirely new healthcare builds for medical centres and aged care facilities. Specialising in tailor made designs dependant on the facility, patients and staff requirements we can deliver an entire contemporary fitout. We provide medical centre design layouts which allow for seamless work processes and the efficient treatment of patients. For aged care facility design we make sure that our interior design and architecture caters to residents and staff.


We cater to a variety of different specialist practices and clinics at Space For Health. Dental clinics, physiotherapists, surgeons, cosmetic clinics and more have been provided with a fitout from Space For Health. Our years of experience in providing different speciality designs has led to our team understanding the fitout needs of each individual client.

We offer end-to-end healthcare and interior design solutions for the following:

  • Space planning
  • Interior design  
  • Reception areas/waiting rooms
  • Facilities
  • Examination rooms
  • Storage areas
  • Nurses’ stations


Why are we different?

  • It’s easy to overlook many of the various aspects of a healthcare design project. Our defined processes make certain every detail is accounted for.
  • Space For Health accounts for future business expansion. It’s important to account for future growth so that just after your fitout is established, you don’t have to prepare to move again.
  • A healthcare design and fitout is very particular in terms of design and requirements. Not just any fitout provider can accommodate. Space For Health has a wealth of experience providing specific medical fitout services.
  • We have developed and maintained a close relationship with multiple suppliers in the medical, construction and design industries. This ensures that we can source products and services on time and within budget.
  • We assign one experienced project manager to spearhead the fitout delivery. They are always on hand to discuss and relay information to clients.