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Day Hospital Fitouts

The Day Hospital fitout process’s core focus is on streamlined functionality, which is central to a SFH design. In this instance, using a professional hospital fitout team is a must.

Space For Health make sure that staff have the capacity to effectively treat their patients. A well-planned hospital layout allows for this to happen. But, we also aim to create a warm, comforting atmosphere that makes patients, staff and visitors feel at ease in an environment that can often be stressful.

We offer multiple fitout services for day hospitals, including:

  • Full hospital fitouts
  • Operating theatre fitouts
  • Examination room fitouts
  • Waiting room and reception
  • Canteen fitouts
  • Interior design
  • Refurbishments


Step 1: Pre-design

Site Assessment:

Choosing the site for your day hospital is the first and most important decision you’ll make during the fitout process. Space For Health helps you develop a site checklist which guides the selection process and subsequent feature choices. Whether it’s revamping your current location or working from the ground up on a new site. Space For Health is there to make sure things run to schedule.

Before moving forward with any construction or interior fitout we make sure the proposed site meets requirements:

  • If it’s a new site is it zoned by local council for hospital and medical use
  • Does the site have the required amount of room to accommodate a fitout (taking into account the possibility of future growth)
  • Are the installed services up to standard? Or will they have to be replaced? – fire protection, electrical
  • Is it feasible for construction to take place at the hospital site? – access, drainage, electrical
  • Is there parking available?
  • Does the building site comply with Australian National Construction Code (NCC)?

Taking these requirements into consideration we produce costing, development and construction details which are relayed to the customer.

Feasibility Studies

Space For Health provide feasibility studies that ensure all the finance requirements are transparent and fitouts can move forward unhindered. This involves:

  • Providing a cost analysis of the day hospital fitout
  • Detailing repayment options available to your industry
  • Developing a detailed plan to gain financial approval
  • Establishing potential revenue and net income expectations

Site Applications

Space For Health coordinate all of the site compliance efforts to make sure all regulations are met. For a hospital fitout this may include:

  • An Approval In Principle (AIP) Certificate
  • Liasoning with medical bodies
  • Health and Safety regulations
  • Construction, Occupation and Development Certificates
  • Design Compliance certificates

Once these have been completed the appropriate medical and building certifier will be engaged. Who will then assess the application and provide approval to go ahead with the fitout process.



Step 2: Design Development

Building Design Proposal

A building design proposal focuses on the structural layout of your new hospital. Space For Health take into consideration all the requirements of your practice when developing a design proposal, from a technical point of view, aesthetic mindset and ergonomic awareness.

Interior Design Proposal

Space For Health help create an atmosphere that will have patients feeling as comfortable as possible. In a hospital tension is often high. We want to minimise this through pleasant design which helps staff treat patients.

These are the elements we take into consideration as we develop an interior design proposal.

  • Ergonomics: Does the interior design compliment the flow and functionality of a modern hospital space?
  • Brand: Is the new design in line with the aesthetic of the brand, and does it adequately represent the hospital.
  • Privacy: As a hospital it’s important that privacy is considered with design.
  • Comfort: Does the hospital design and layout promote comfortability and relaxation for both staff and patients?
  • Space: Optimum and efficient use of the space available.

Project Brief

The project brief in full will lead to a more holistic approach towards design. Space For Health project briefs should incorporate:

  • Initial designs
  • Preliminary budget based on initial test fit plan
  • Layout sketches and 3D visualisations
  • Construction/building permit plans
  • Interior design proposal
  • Building design proposal

With a completed design brief, we will now be able to translate the information into design concepts that address each element of the brief in a manner congruent with your vision.


Step 3 :Project & Construction Management

Project Coordination

Every day hospital fitout is headed by an experienced project coordinator appointed by Space For Health. This coordinator sees to it that the fitout is as seamless as possible. Appointing an in-house project coordinator sees to it that the project brief is adhered to and the construction process stays on track.

Manufacturing & Construction

Every step of the manufacturing and construction of your fitout is performed with regulations and guidelines in mind, as well as under supervision from our project coordinator. Space For Health has a network of professionals and tradesman with extensive training and experience with hospital fitouts. Having these trusted resources available helps Space For Health assure that fitouts will be completed within the timeframe and to budget.

Interior Fitout

The interior fitout process of a day hospital involves making very specific design choices. In consultation with the client, Space For Health moves forward with a design implementation that is engaging, current, user friendly, and more importantly promotes a good staff-patient relationship.

Space For Health can guarantee:

  • Design consistency between the brand and the new fitout
  • In-house design driven by the vision of the customer
  • Functionality and aesthetics that complement each other in design
  • Clinic architecture within the design requirements
  • Interior aesthetics based on the types of clinics
  • The technical and functional requirements individual to each specialist is met in the fitout process


Step 4 :Post Completion

Final Check

Once Space For Health have completed the fitout and the client is satisfied with the results, then all the necessary documents are gathered and sent to the building certifier. SFH facilitate this process, making sure everything is accounted for.

Space For Health then conduct a final check of the day hospital to make sure each of the requirements set out in the brief have been met. Your hospital fitout is then ready for handover.


Space For Health are available for future fitout refurbishments, extensions, relocations and more, to any new or current customer. We offer continued consultation for all our day hospital fitouts.



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