On 3 June, 2016 the NSW Government issued an amendment to the Private Health Facilities Regulation 2010. The new regulation requires that all facilities that carry out particular cosmetic surgical procedures (within NSW) to be subject to the same licensing standards that apply to private health facilities.

The facilities that carry out these surgical procedures have less than 7 months remaining to make the necessary changes to their facilities, including building works. The regulation will take effect from 3 March 2017.

The amendment will impact any facility which offers procedures that intend to change a person’s appearance which involve general, epidural, spinal or major regional anaesthetic or unconscious sedation. This is to ensure that all practices are adhered to the same quality and safety systems.

The changes required in order to comply with the new licensing, may be a challenging process as there are very specific standards to follow.

Space For Health is offering a free consultation to evaluate any existing practice and provide guidance on what requirements are mandatory to comply with the new amendment to the regulation.

For more information, Private Health Facilities Amendment (Cosmetic Surgery) Regulation 2016.

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