By far, the most exciting element of any healthcare construction project is when a client can finally begin to move in and explore their new space. This is where it all comes together from the early days of site feasibility, planning and design stages all through the construction and completion phase.

Well before a project is completed, we have our team of certifiers come through the site, to ensure at all stages we operate to the highest of standards. Come handover, it’s a simple matter of signing off the occupations certificate so the client can move into the site and begin trading as soon as possible.

What happens after a Space for Health medical fitout project is completed?

No matter our level of involvement in a project, at Space for Health we ensure everything we do meets both the needs of the clients as well as the regulatory requirements of building code of Australia, fire codes and the regulations by local authorities.

Once a project reaches the completion stage, we provide our clients with occupancy certification so they have the confidence their new space meets all requirements set out in the initial design. We also compile all the necessary documentation in an O&M (operations and maintenance) manual, including important information a client needs to navigate their new space such as:

  • How to operate in the new space.
  • Any relevant details about what work was done and by who.
  • What products have been installed, including custom products and fixtures.
  • How to maintain and clean products in the space.
  • Any necessary warranty information.
  • In many cases, we supply clients with as-built drawings which give a valuable reference to of the construction details that have gone into a project.

Space for Health: Flexibility and freedom in the move-in stage

In a medical setting, moving into a new space isn’t as simple as a few desks and computers. Because it can be a difficult process, we make sure to work around your suppliers’ needs, and install equipment and fixtures during the construction process wherever possible to make the transition smooth and convenient for all involved.

We also work to a flexible move in date, and do our best to cohabit a space during the construction phase wherever possible.

Feedback: Working together for the long-term benefit of a project

As with any Space for Health project, we understand our relationship doesn’t just end when construction is finished. Your experience throughout the medical fitout and beyond is an important part of what we do, so we welcome any and all feedback to make sure that your new space meets your expectations well into the future.