Before you embark on a new medical centre construction project, it’s important to ensure that it’s feasible and can be developed according to your needs. At Space For Health, we offer a range of pre-design services for medical centre construction and medical fitouts, including site selection and tenancy feasibility studies, authority requirements, development applications such as DA and CDC, as well as legal consulting.

By investigating all of the minute details of planning, we can help you make informed decisions about your project and ensure that it becomes the best that it can be.

Our design team at Space For Health possesses extensive experience in medical centre construction. We are well-versed in identifying potential issues early in the planning process to ensure a smooth execution of your project from construction to medical fitout.

Our team meticulously checks every detail, from verifying the weight-bearing capacity of floors to ensuring sufficient space for medical equipment. We also take into account the necessary distance between MRI and ultrasound imaging equipment to avoid potential radiation issues. Our commitment to precision allows us to match your ideal clinic design with the physical constraints of the site. To learn more about our comprehensive design development process your medical centre construction, contact us today

Site feasibility

At Space for Health, conducting an extensive and comprehensive site feasibility study is a crucial step in medical centre construction and medical fitouts for a new build. The real estate market is complex, and so are the legal requirements of developing a project from scratch. With our 27+ years of experience, we have developed a thorough understanding of the requirements, limitations, and incentives for building in different areas nationwide.

Our team knows how vital it is to find a site that won’t disrupt any existing infrastructure and won’t require massive investment to meet compliance. We also go the extra mile to understand potential locations by assessing the market and the demographics that exist there to help your business succeed.

Once we’ve identified a site, we’ll check every facet of it to ensure it meets the goals of your business. This encompasses everything from stormwater drainage to submitting a development application/planning permit. We do the hard yards to get you into the location you deserve, one that will benefit your business for years to come.

Does every project require development approval or a complying development certificate?

At Space For Health, we understand that securing development approval (DA) or a complying development certificate (CDC) for your medical centre construction project can be a complex and confusing process.

For a successful project, it’s important to comply with legal requirements and building regulations. Space for Health has a team of experienced specialists who can help you with securing development approval or a complying development certificate. Attaining a CDC is faster, while a DA takes longer and is required for extensive remodelling. We can apply for these approvals on your behalf and undertake the necessary procedures, including discussing your proposal with the council, preparing drawings and plans for the medical centre construction and medical fitout, and submitting the final application.

  • Discuss your proposal with the council
  • Prepare drawings and plans for your proposal
  • Provide a Statement of Environmental Effects report and how we can potentially mitigate any negative impact
  • Submit final application to the council

What sort of issues can arise during pre-design stage?

Space For Health has over 27 years of experience in medical centre design and construction and can assist you in navigating through the pre-design stage. During this phase, common roadblocks can occur such as local council restrictions, building authority regulations, objections from existing tenants or neighbours, and more. As trusted advisors, we have the expertise to work around these issues and deliver your ideal location for your practice. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in the initial stages of your new medical centre construction and medical fitout.

Business Case

Understanding the viability of your business is crucial before you move forward with your project. With our national networks of consultants and our internal team of researchers we provide you with assistance on:

  1. Market Gap Analysis : Data modeling to determine the populations trends, market saturation and market
  2. Market trends in the short and long term in conjunction with state and federal planning that may affect your development
  3. Financial forecasting and modeling to determine the requirements of your clinic to make it sustainable in the short and long term
  4. Present Development opportunities at your targeted area to suit your model.


Space for Health takes pride in its Detailed Due Diligence process to make sure most of the variable risks that can affect costing and timing are surveyed and considered during the planning stage, reducing your exposure during the later stages of your project. At SFH we will provide a detailed breakdown budget including all required categories that will impact your build process and limit your risk to variations at the end.