Once you’ve attained your site and all relevant approvals, we’ll move on to the next stage: Design development. This is a crucial stage in the creation of a healthcare facility that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. At Space for Health, we specialise in clinics by design that maximise efficiency, promote a patient-centric approach, and incorporate the latest trends in medical architecture. Our team of experts work collaboratively with you to create inspiring spaces for healthcare professionals to work and patients to heal.

This is where your project begins to come together as a cohesive whole, taking its first steps from being an empty site to your brand new medical centre.

Space Planning

The space efficiencies at your healthcare environment is a combination of diverse factors to consider when designing your clinic. At Space for Health, our medical architects and clinic designers make sure your needs are properly reflected in the design:

  • User groups to gather information from the key stakeholders at the project
  • Right location of departments (stacking and blocking diagrams)
  • Patient workflow and patient centric approach
  • Latest trends on patient care and services’ delivery
  • Workflow efficiency – processes analysis
  • Base building works services efficiency – mechanical, hydraulic and fire services
  • Space for future growth

We have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives with the spaces we design and build. It’s our responsibility to enable doctors, patients and staff to benefit from a good environment that empowers them to serve the community at their best capability.

David McGirr, Head of Architecture Space for Health

Authority Approvals

Permissibility at your site is essential to determine the feasibility of the property for your clinic. Understanding the complexity of the regulations in Australia with zoning, parking requirements, boundaries, neighbours and many more could be overwhelming and very intricate. At Space for Health we look at the entire process before you acquire your property or sign your lease avoiding expensive mistakes or unsuitable properties for your business that require high investments to upgrade them to a compliant standard.

With our extended network of consultants and planners we look after:

  • Pre-lodgement meetings with Department of Healths nationwide and Councils
  • Town planning services
  • Landlord and Strata Approval
  • State and Federal applications

Developing a project brief

Developing a comprehensive project brief is an essential component of the design development process. At Space for Health, our team of experts, including architects and interior designers who specialise in medical architecture and clinic design, work collaboratively with you to create a project brief that reflects your vision.

This will typically include a preliminary budget, an optimal date for your new site, and a detailed report of the equipment you use and how you prefer to use it. This last part is extremely important. We want the best for your practice, and your practice wants the best for your patients – it’s imperative we establish a firm understanding of how each healthcare professional maximises their efficiency in their work environments for the best overall outcome.

Beginning the initial design

Once the project brief has been agreed upon by all parties, we begin the sketching process. Whether it’s a new fit-out for an existing space or an entirely new build, our designers will sit down and draw up a number of possible layouts based on your site, your medical field, and your budget. We call this a ‘test fit plan’ and usually you will be provided with a few options you can choose from or amalgamate.

Presenting the final design

Following your approval of our designs, we create a detailed presentation showing off a 3D model of the completed build, including final finishes and elevations. Once this has been approved, we provide a documentation package, including all drawings for tender, and then we’re ready to take your project to the next level: of starting the physical development.


At SFH we are experts in healthcare planning, clinics by design and medical architecture, making sure your project is well looked after from inception throughout the delivery of a masterpiece. We look after new builds (greenfield) to renovations and refurbishments (brownfield). Our point of difference is our team of medical architects, interior designers and project managers that generate outstanding designs that are buildable and cost effective.

Our designs are developed in line with the needs of the community, with a leading edge to innovation and empowering practitioners and staff to deliver the best patient care model at their clinics.

We are passionate about upgrading the healthcare model in Australia with the development of environments that inspire, motivate and functionally deliver for our doctors, staff and the community in general.

Monica Benavides, MD Space for Health

Our services include:

  • Master Planning
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • BIM Management
  • Architectural and Design Feasibility
  • Tendering and Construction Documentation Services