Some of our projects

Some of our projects

With over 120 radiology clinics designed and delivered nationwide, Space for Health is a leading expert in Australia in Imaging practices and Radiology units within public and private hospitals. Before committing to your lease or acquisition, SFH assists our clients with site assessment and feasibility to make sure your investment is safe and viable.

We have more than 26 years experience in delivering medical and highly specialised healthcare developments with the last 15 years dedicated to Radiology practices. Our specialized team of engineers, healthcare architects and interior designers partner with you to minimise the risk from the planning stage throughout the post completion of your project.

Site Assessment and Feasibility

We assist you by assessing the potential sites making sure all aspects are covered before you commit to sign your lease or acquire the property. We are the only group in Australia, that not only looks after your property needs and permits’ analysis, but also gets highly involved in understanding the market and making sure your business case is viable financially in the short and the long term.

Permits and Design Development

From Pre-Lodgment and Pre-DA meetings throughout the full design development, our highly specialised team of architects, designers and engineers work together to make sure your design its fully compliant and delivered within a predetermined budget that aligns with your expectations. At all stages of the project, SFH will report on cost efficiencies to deliver your project with the highest technology and working cooperatively with our strategic alliances with equipment suppliers, national networks of consultants and financial advisors. We are conscious that a good project not only needs to look outstanding, but needs to be designed to serve the patients’ needs, optimize the delivery of services and most importantly, align with the business case and budget constraints. With our 3D visual technology that enables you to check your design in a photorealistic image before it gets built, you have control of the project at all stages.

Fitout and Construction

With over 120 clinics to date and every type of installation possible for radiology equipment, you can trust our team with the construction and fitout of your clinic on an existing location or a brand new site. We have a big reputation of no variations, as we spend more time in planning to minimise the risk of over time or over budget. With our own factory in Tullamarine and a number of factories in China, you can rest assured that the best cost benefit will be delivered by our team, meeting Australian standards and the high requirements of public and private hospitals. Almost 60% of our current projects are life environments, where we have developed a unique pre-manufactured system that reduces wet trades on site and minimise disruption.

We keep track on every activity and report back to you on a weekly basis to keep you ahead of our progress on and off site.

Step 2 : Design Development

Building Design Proposal

The building design proposal will detail all the architectural and structural requirements of the fitout.

With Space For Health creating your design proposal you can expect:

  • A conceptual floorplan: Developed to provide examples of the possible layout.
  • Technical considerations: Each room is assessed based on its ability to service specialist needs. The required features of a clinic exam room design will differ from that of a waiting room.
  • Ergonomic design: Space For Health’s proposal considers the efficiency of every work environment.
  • A costing schedule: Considers the feasibility, design requirements and more into a detailed costing analysis.
  • Design compliance: Does the proposed design fall in line with the regulations and requirements established during the site application process? Amendments are made if necessary.

Interior Design Proposal

The interior design proposal encompasses all of the style and aesthetic qualities of the specialist fitout. Space For Health develops their interior concepts based on the space, type of clinic or service and the business’s associated branding to deliver an interior design proposal that successfully complements the specialist practice.

Step 3 : Project & Construction Management

Project Coordination

Space For Health’s point of difference is that we provide all fitout services from in-house. This includes appointing a project manager to oversee and coordinate the construction process. The project manager, as well as accompanying Space For Health specialists are the driving force behind the completion of a project. We always keep the project brief at the forefront of the construction process so that everything remains on task.

Manufacturing & Construction

Thanks to a meticulous design process and a stringent construction strategy Space For Health excels when it comes to building specialist fitouts. Drawing from a wealth of trusted expert builders and tradesman we bring designs to life. The project coordinator makes certain that all construction stays on track and to budget.

Interior Fitout

Clinic design is critical as the aesthetic and layout inside your specialist centre can make or break its success.

Space For Health can guarantee:

  • Design consistency between the brand and the new fitout
  • In-house design driven by the vision of the customer
  • Functionality and aesthetics that complement each other in design
  • Clinic architecture within the design requirements
  • Interior aesthetics based on the types of clinics
  • The technical and functional requirements individual to each specialist is met in the fitout process

Project Brief Compliance

Throughout the project and construction management phase Space For Health refers to the project brief and the predetermined requirements of every fitout. This is to make sure that every need is met and that customers are satisfied.

All the legal and document requirements, including certificates and permits, are also reassessed throughout the process to make certain all construction is done adequately and legally.

Step 4: Post Completion

Final Check

Upon completion of the construction process, a building certifier receives all documentation, fully coordinated by your SFH project manager. They will then issue an occupation certificate.

A final check by Space For Health and the client is done to make sure that all the requirements and objectives defined in the project brief have been met. We then handover your new specialist fitout.


Space For Health are always available to past clients in a consultation capacity and to discuss the current fitout or any other specialist fitout opportunities.