Space For Health had the pleasure of designing and building the new operating theatre and consulting clinic for Dr. Kurosh Parsi, the highest eminence in Phlebology in Australia. As trusted advisors, we delivered a leading-edge facility with ultramodern equipment and a welcoming and relaxing environment for the patients of Sydney Skin & Vein Clinic.

We looked after the property sourcing, permits and licensing of the facility, concept, design, documentation, delivery and implementation of services to provide an operating theatre in a commercial building. This was a great challenge, and we’re proud of the results.

Size: 640 sqm
Contract Type: Design, Construction, Documentation, Project Management
Location: 7 Help St, Chatswood NSW 2067

Finding the right space

Space For Health teamed up with Dr. Parsi at the earliest stages of the project. The first challenge came in the search for a site. There were a lot of unique considerations we needed to take into account for Dr. Parsi’s new phlebology practice, and so finding the perfect site was paramount.

We needed a site that would meet the requirements for a day surgery, as well as the necessities for clinics using general anaesthetic. This meant there needed to be unencumbered access from the theatre to the street. Dr. Parsi needed the space for his team to be able to work efficiently, as well as ample room for recovery and waiting rooms.

Due to the nature of the field, many patients of the Sydney Skin & Vein Clinic have limited access, so there was an additional requirement that the new site needed to be close to public transportation. We eventually found the perfect space, formerly home to a number of different tenancies in a commercial building, and we were able to amalgamate these into one state-of-the-art medical facility.

Our unique design

Sydney Skin & Vein Clinic had a very specific brief when it came to the waiting room. It was important to them to move away from the typical white, sterile environment of hospitals. Dr. Parsi preferred interior design that would be more inviting and relaxing for his patients. We implemented some very comfortable seating and utilised natural imagery and softer graphics to create a waiting room that feels more like a welcoming home.

The new phlebology clinic had a lot of specific technical requirements. Much of their equipment was newer technology that had not been used in Australia before, and as such required some careful consideration to create an efficient workflow. The work that went into this included reinforcing part of the building, increasing power output and installing multiple screens at specific points. Our experienced team was able to complete this, providing Sydney Skin & Vein Clinic with an ideal functionality for their complex practice.

A world-class phlebology practice

The process was far from simple, and required a lot of out-of-the-box solutions and creative workarounds. What we delivered to Dr. Parsi and his team is a truly world-class phlebology practice. Not only did we deliver a design with a pleasing look and feel, we created a highly functional workflow to benefit both the staff and patients.

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