Space for Health developed the flagship clinic for IVF Australia in Sydney CBD. The finishes standardisation and high-end women’s health facility was developed based on managing the anxiety of patients and the welcoming space needed for couples while looking for a baby. Soft finishes with a contemporary and sophisticated palette, delivered an outstanding design that has been greatly received by patients, doctors and staff.

Size: 650 sqm
Contract Type: Design, Documentation, Construction
Location: 1/33-35 York St, Sydney NSW 2000

Client Overview

4D Skin Laser and Cancer Clinic offers everything under the dermatological umbrella, from tattoo removal to skin cancer removals. The challenge for this project was designing a space that ensured all elements were compliant with regulations, while still satisfying the project brief and aspirations of the client.

“The client came to us already having bought the site and wanted to make sure the requirements were up to scratch,” says Elaine. “We went and assessed the site from our end, including site measurements, photos – checking the site conditions against what our designers have to work with. Obviously this process had to suit both the client’s needs and the building codes of Australia right from the beginning.”

“We finalise the layout before we do the design development stage, which is the detail design. Once the layout is finalised and is approved by the client we then make sure it’s certified so we can proceed with the construction phase.”

Unique Requirements

Several unique elements of this project stood out, according to Elaine, that made this medical fitout both a challenging and rewarding experience.

“For 4D the premise is in two floors. The main brief for this project was to have the clinic in the first floor,” says Elaine. “However, the existing building site did not have accessibility. We recommended the installation of a lift to be compliant with the building code, which the client was happy to do.”

“Because of our suggestion to install the lift, the client recognised our value in things beyond interior design, so wanted us to assist with redesigning the exterior. We put forward several designs and it really helped to make 4D feel like they’re being taken care of in terms of what they need until they managed to engage an architect to do the DA approvals for them.”

Our mission to add value

A core mantra for Space for Health is “trusted advisors.” In order to achieve this status, says Elaine, you have to be able to guide and support the client with whatever requests, or changes, that may arise.

“We ensure that the client is taken care of throughout the whole process,” says Elaine

For 4D, branding was an essential component of the design, yet was not finalised until midway through the project. “We had to adjust and change mid construction. It worked very well, and was fantastic seeing how the project evolved and how it made the client feel supported.”

“When you go into a place you should be able to see the uniqueness of their company and their branding. I think that’s what we delivered, making sure that the building identified with the client’s original vision,” said Elaine. “In terms of value engineering ,we put forward our recommendations of finishes, furniture that would suit the space and more. It’s a lot of coordination with the client if they’re willing to spend money and invest.”