Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia has a long history and is widely recognised as one of the leading cosmetic clinics in Australasia. By using only the most sophisticated medical technology in the world, they offer over 400 unique procedures to their universally satisfied customers.

Space For Health had the privilege of partnering with the Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia to create two of their newest spaces: the Sydney CBD and Barangaroo branches. The George Street (Sydney CBD) location has the unique distinction of being the largest cosmetic clinic in the Southern hemisphere. The Barangaroo branch is an integral part of a project that was unanimously named Development of the Year after its launch.

Size: 2,500 sqm
Contract Type: Building Façade & Fitout Design, Documentation, Project Management
Location: 263 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Modern design

One of the most important factors in designing the clinics was making them unique. They wanted to stand out from other medical cosmetic clinics so the space would align with a key value: providing personalised service to every client. In this sense, the clinics needed to feel like something special.

Relying on tried and tested clinic design was not an option, so the spaces were created with a striking interplay of textures and materials, with large open spaces and generous lighting. The result is simply gorgeous, and one glance conveys the sophisticated physical beauty that has become synonymous with the brand.

Unique flourishes

In Barangaroo, the clinic makes an immediate impression on customers. Our interior designers have created a modern and comfortable waiting area that doesn’t feel like a medical clinic at all, but rather a welcoming environment with more than a touch of class. The custom pendant lighting and New York marble desk make the reception one of our favourite features of this spectacular project.

The first Rejuvenation Clinic, at the George Street location in the Sydney CBD, has a retail store on the ground level and three floors of clinic above it. The building looks out over George St and Space For Health was tasked with designing the facade. Our design team created a timeless facade that not only acknowledges the history of the area without disrupting it’s aesthetic, but also has its own unique character.

A stunning result

Space For Health is very happy with the results of this project, and so was the Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia. So much so, we are about to commence work on a third Sydney location. This project is a great example of Space For Health’s commitment to the healthcare providers we partner with. We work closely to understand the requirements of the client, what they need, what they love, and what they want to see. Then, we create it. The Space For Health team are your trusted advisors, guiding you through the entire process, from site selection to construction and beyond.