For over thirty years, we’ve known that the external environment plays a deterministic role in patient health and recovery.

In Richard Ulrich’s famous 1984 paper “View Through A Window May Influence Recovery From Surgery,” patients kept in a recovery room with a natural view via a window had a “shorter postoperative hospital stay”. Having access to views of vegetation and water had positive impacts on a patient’s wellbeing, particularly with overall emotional state and amount of pain medication needed during recovery.

During the construction of a healthcare centre, such as a day surgery, keeping this ethos in mind and combining it with the additional 30 years of experience the industry has gained since Ulrich’s publication, practitioners and hospital designers can create the perfect recovery room.

What elements make the perfect recovery room?What elements make the perfect recovery room?

How to design the perfect recovery space

With day surgery design, understanding the intention of a space will help guide practitioners in deciding what design elements fit best for a recovery room.

For patients recovering from anaesthesia, there are practical aspects of designing a recovery room, such as having enough space per bed, with easy access to a patient’s head, and a clear line of sight to a wall clock from the patient’s bed. Designing around these requirements (and more), will help implement features that ultimately benefit the speedy recovery of patients that come through.

Benefits beyond the patient

Elements of design can help the recovery process for patients by reducing anxiety, says Jillian Payne, Director of Community Development and Outreach for Loma Linda’s East Campus. In private hospital design, even simple things such as a wood-grain façade can have a calming effect.

Recovery rooms are designed for the benefit of visitors too. According to Jillian, patient-centred design is not just about creating a beautiful space, but rather recreating a homely environment that encourages friends and family to stay at length, providing that essential emotional support patients need for recovery.

Why specialist in healthcare construction is essential

For over 25 years, we’ve been delivering patient-centred design solutions.

Having an innate understanding of how to blend design elements and recovery room regulations and standards will help ensure a patient recovery room fits both the practical requirements and the wellbeing of the patient.

Space for Health has experience in all stages of the design and construction process. For over 25 years, we’ve been delivering patient-centred design solutions for day surgeries and medical fitouts Australia-wide.

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