Knowing upfront how much a medical fitout, such as Day Surgery design is going to cost is an essential part of not just sticking to a budget, but realising the vision of the original project.

Space for Heath have over 25 years of experience delivering healthcare construction and other fitout projects on time and more importantly, setting a budget and sticking to it.

How much can a medical fitout budget blowout by?

Accurate budget expectations are important not just in deciding the features of a specific project, it’s an integral part of the business case it’s attached to. Going over budget, even by a little makes it both harder to secure extra funds from the bank, but also negatively affects the return on investment of the project. To the point where it may not be feasible at all in the long term, sticking to a budget is crucial for the success of any healthcare construction project.

Even simple things like underestimating the base building’s worth or the cost of joinery and fittings can upturn the overall budget. It’s not uncommon for projects that have not be accurately estimated to go over budget by 30 per cent, and can sometimes be double the original cost planned.

Where are budget blowouts likely to take place in healthcare construction?

Beyond inaccurate estimations of materials and construction costs, common pitfalls that derail budgets occur before a project begins, which is why it’s important to seek expert advice as early as possible.

Before any designs are put forward, Space for Health do a feasibility study on the intended construction to determine if the intended site is fit for purpose. Our experience with choosing the right site in line with the current and future needs of our clients also means that we can anticipate the requirements of a growing practice. If it’s likely costly future upgrades will be necessary, we can alert our clients and integrate these considerations into the overall process and budget.

How does Space for Health set a budget and stick to it?

At Space for Health, we’re able to confidently set a budget and stick to it, no matter the scale of a medical fitout.

  1. As leaders within the healthcare construction industry, we lean on our years of experience knowing exactly how much a design project is going to cost.
  2. We operate across all levels of the construction process. With a clear line of communication, our designers don’t put forth ideas project managers know won’t fit the process budget.
  3. Having all roles involved in a medical fitout project means we don’t have to rely on outsourcing.
  4. With in house estimators, we know exactly how much suppliers will charge
  5. We don’t put forward proposals that will not fit the budget
  6. Our pre qualified contractors guarantee a fixed price we pass on to our clients.

All this contributes to knowing exactly where the costs are associated in a project, such as day surgery design, and can set an accurate budget accordingly that we stick to, no matter what.

Add value at any point within the medical fitout process

Even if you don’t reach for expert advice early on, Space for Health are able to assist clients at any stage in a design project, at any point in the construction phase.

Our flexibility means we can come in at any stage of the project by value engineering, identifying the current resources are and how they can be applied in best way possible without having to increase the final price.

Did you know that we are affiliated with finance companies? Enquire with us today to see how we can help you.