Colours are amazing and they have powerful influence in our daily lives! Together with lighting, both of those components are able to provide necessary interior details that improve almost any surroundings. What can colours “do”? They can inspire minds, elevate moods, enhance skin tones, trigger interest, invigorate senses and even improve appetites.

Colors and lightings are particularly important in healthcare environments, in terms of the clinical and emotional impact that can possibly affect patients and doctors. Skin tone and appearance of a patient can be crucial for diagnosis and care. Therefore, below are some key points that you may consider when you want to do a fitout for your medical clinic:

  • Limit use of mirrors on walls as it may cause confusion and disorientation due to the illusion of space.
  • Avoid yellow especially in clinical areas that will reflect onto patient skin tones.
  • Use contrasting colours between horizontal and vertical surfaces to enhance visual discrimination.
  • Remember not to choose floor finishes that are slippery, you want your clinic to be free-of-risk from possible slipping and falling.

Space for Health is made of Medical Interior Design and Fitout specialists that have been serving for over a decade. We have vast experiences in constructing interior fitout in Sydney, be it for small clinics or any larger healthcare projects.

Working closely with our clients and trying our best to satisfy their requirements for upgrading existing clinics or creating new brand fitout is what we believe in.