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    5 architectural trends impacting medical facility design

    Medical Fit Out Advice

    Current trends in design and architecture will influence how we build medical facilities in the future. How will these five impact your plans?

    Specialists Suites at Northern Beaches Hospital – A success story

    Healthcare Fit Out Examples

    The Northern Beaches Hospital project was our recent success story that saw the team design unique specialist medical clinic spaces for expert practitioners.

    Why ‘breathing architecture’ is key to healthcare facility design

    Medical Design and Innovation

    Medical institutions should consider patient well-being from the initial design phase. So why is breathing architecture key to improving healthcare facilities?

    How 3D model​ling can help visualise a hospital fit out design

    Healthcare Fit Out Examples

    Visualising a hospital fit out during the design stage can be misleading, with paper plans unable to tell the full story. That’s where 3D mode​lling is vital.

    What makes Day Hospital design different to other healthcare facilities?

    Day Hospital Architecture

    Day Hospital design and construction is more different to other medical facilities than you think. What features make Day Hospital design so different?

    How does the Federal broadband rollout impact medical facilities?

    Healthcare New Builds

    The new national broadband expansion project will improve medical facilities’ connectivity – but for now the disruption is harmful, not helpful. Healthcare design can help optimise these benefits.

    Public healthcare spending – is it enough or do we need more private practices?

    Healthcare New Builds

    Every Budget brings controversy around public healthcare cuts – but are these worries genuine? And are there opportunities for new private medical practices?

    How much input should consumers have on healthcare facility design?

    Healthcare New Builds

    When designing a healthcare facility, the community and patients who will be using it could have valuable input on a design that is fit-for-purpose.

    Can you plan perfect healthcare design?

    Medical Design and Innovation

    Perfect healthcare design is about more than just great aesthetics. With the proper backing of comprehensive research, design can create a uniquely tailored space.

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