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How will new technologies change our medical facilities?

Medical Design and Innovation

Space For Health is no stranger to the intersection of healthcare and technology, how could emerging technologies shape Australia’s medical facilities?

Inviting new clients with the right facade

Medical Design and Innovation

A building facade sets the tone for your entire operation – what design elements need to be taken into account for a facade in the healthcare industry?

Access all areas: the importance of disabled access to your facility

Medical Design and Innovation

Disability access is an important factor of your new healthcare facility. What types of access considerations do you need to make for your new project?

Space for Health contributes to award-winning Barangaroo development

Healthcare Fit Out Examples

Space for Health’s top quality healthcare facility design has formed part of Australia’s best new development, as named by the Urban Taskforce.

Working natural lighting in healthcare design

Day Hospital Architecture

Natural lighting in a healthcare setting benefits both the patients and those working in a space. Here’s why you should include it in your medical fitout.

Tips for designing aged care facilities in Australia

Healthcare New Builds

With an ageing population, what considerations do healthcare construction projects in Australia for aged care need to keep in mind?

Tips for choosing the right flooring material in healthcare construction and design

Medical Design and Innovation

Choosing the right flooring material in medical fitouts needs to balance both creating a positive space while maintaining health and safety standards.

Reducing anxiety: A guide to designing a calming dentistry office

Healthcare New Builds

How can dentists leverage healthcare design elements during construction to make their offices a calming and relaxing environment to reduce patient anxiety?

What are the hidden costs in designing an Australian GP clinic fit-out?

Medical Design and Innovation

Understanding the costs going into the medical fit-out process can help avoid costly mistakes at a later date. How can Space for Health help?

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