Space For Health have worked on many Eye Specialists design and construction projects, providing us with extensive knowledge and experience in this field.  Our architects and designers work closely with our clients to provide them with their specific needs and injecting our creative flair to the process.




Consulting suitesOur designs provide for:

  • Orthoptist rooms
  • Procedure rooms
  • Operating theatres
  • Biometry/Testing stations
  • Laser and screening rooms
  • Reception and waiting areas

Specific deliverables:

  • Meeting client briefs, costs and time frames
  • Specific work flow to accommodate functionality of Eye Specialists procedures
  • Specific patient waiting areas close to treatment rooms
  • Saving space and increasing efficiency by reducing testing time for patients
  • Fulfill health facility guidelines requirements

Project out comes:

  • Streamlined and efficient work flow layout
  • Improved staff/patient morale due to pleasant environment
  • Modern environment and specialist machinery instill confidence in patients
  • Projects completed with minimal disruption to business