When visiting a new environment, your heart may pump a little faster because of the unfamiliarity and the sense of insecurity. But what can possibly make your heart pump even faster is that there is no any signage around to tell you where you should go! That’s how important signage and way finding systems are.

Signage and way finding systems are elements that can provide at least minimum comfort to patients and visitors, especially when they are usually under some level of stress. A way finding system is the integration of intelligent planning that “correlates” with the use of architectural and interior design components such as floor coverings, artwork selection, finishes selection as well as lightings, etc. Visual cues are keys. For example, half height partitions and interior windows allow patients observe nearby spaces. Also with distinguishable objects at intersections, those objects act as cues to help familiarise visitors and patients.

Use colours and different types of flooring to distinguish areas. For example, you may consider using carpet in public common areas and other flooring for inpatient areas.

Our group of medical fitout specialists in Sydney wants to ensure your patients with sense of security and you with a professional image.