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Medical Centre Fit Out

A Medical centre design fitout needs to follow specific guidelines. This is so the fitout process can meet the standards and requirements necessary of a modern day medical centre.

At Space For Health, we combine functionality with aesthetics to deliver ideal medical centre design layouts which meet the needs of our client and provide a nurturing atmosphere. With a focus on promoting functional, fluent design that positively influences staff and patients.

Understanding The Client’s Needs

Medical Centres:

For medical centres the most important component of any fitout should be the industry or profession specific requirements which factor into design. Each medical centre provides specialty services that need to be catered for. Space For Health recognise the importance of patient care and therefore provide fitouts which contribute to the ability of staff to do so. Space For Health can deliver fitouts simultaneous with the regular operations of your medical centre.

Aged Care Facilities:

As an aged care facility there are numerous factors which have to be taken into consideration before a build can occur. The health and wellbeing of the residents is at the forefront of our fitout design. The construction and interior design briefs are created with the purpose of making staff, visitors and most of all residents occupation as easy and pleasant as possible.

Space For Health are experienced in aged care facility design. We can provide fitouts for bedrooms, common areas, reception areas, staff rooms and more which all require stringent medical features.

We strive to work in unison with aged care facilities so that the fitout process has minimal effect on the function and operation of the facility. Working through the complexities of a fitout at a place of residence, it’s our aim to complete the fitout process with as little disturbance to staff and their residents as possible.

We achieve seamless aged care facility design by following a comprehensive design brief which details all the proposed adjustments, instalments and construction to take place.


Step 1: Pre-Design for Medical Centres and Aged Care Facilities

Site selection for aged care facilities and medical centres is important. Whether the fitout is taking place at the current location or a new one;  multiple requirements need to be addressed before the fitout process begins.

  • Site zoning and council approval
  • Space requirements, access, parking, drainage
  • Compliance with the Australian National Construction Code (NCC)
  • Health and safety regulations for healthcare providers

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies have to be conducted to assess the ability for the client and Space For Health to complete the aged care facility fitout.

  • Cost analysis
  • Repayment options
  • Potential revenue and net income expectations


Step 2: Design Development

Project Brief

As Space For Health moves forward with the fitout process, we provide customers with a comprehensive project brief detailing all of the proposed fitout design and activities. This includes:

  • Initial designs and conceptual floorplan
  • Preliminary budget based on test fit plan
  • Layout sketches and 3D visualisations
  • Construction/building permit plans
  • Interior design proposal
  • Building design proposal

Healthcare Interior Design

Space For Health provides interior design fitouts tailored to the environment of your practice, creating a cohesive experience for patients, staff and all visitors. The interior design of a medical centre or aged care centre can have a direct impact on the quality of people’s experience. Therefore it’s important to promote a holistic approach to wellbeing in design and functionality of your location.

Space For Health provides the best in interior healthcare design by:

  • Addressing the specific needs of the healthcare provider
  • Promoting design that services and represents the community
  • Offering budget-controlled solutions
  • Being particular with each aesthetic choice and how it factors into the overall design
  • Presenting flexible design options to clients, with continuous consultation

Space For Health has a specialised team dedicated to healthcare facility design. They understand healthcare architecture for both medical centres and aged care facilities and have the knowledge to provide industry specific medical fitouts.

Step 3: Project & Construction Management

At this stage of the fitout, the visualisations of the medical centre are realised. Utilising the governance of our project management team, trusted interior designers and qualified tradesman the construction process begins.

Using the design brief to guide the process, Space For Health create your new medical centre fitout. Taking care to follow all of the technical and functional requirements (as detailed in brief), we provide a fitout that is distinctively suited to the client’s medical centre, its operations and ideal interior and design layout.

The fitout construction can be done simultaneously with the regular operation of a medical centre or aged care facility. Space For Health aims to keep disturbance to a minimum, working collaboratively with clients we determine the best times for the fitout to take place. This fosters a better relationship between Space For Health, clients, residents and visitors, and allows the fitout process to run much smoother.

Step 4: Post Completion

Final Check

Before the handover of your new medical centre or aged care facility fitout takes place we conduct a final check of the premises to make certain all of the requirements of the project brief have been met. This includes a thorough tour inspection with the client.

SFH also prepares all the documentation which is sent to the building certifier who will issue an occupation certificate. When that’s approved, the handover can then occur.


Space For Health are always available to past and present customers to discuss their fitout and organise any future services.

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