Gordon Eye Surgery is a multidisciplinary eye care practice, established in 1993 and incorporating state of the art technology and equipment with an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of healthcare. With 15 specialists on site as well as a host of experienced healthcare professionals, Gordon Eye Surgery provides an excellent level of care. From corrective surgeries to disease treatment, and the very simple to the extremely complex, Gordon Eye Surgery is Sydney’s pre-eminent eye care specialist.

Size: 810 sqm
Contract Type: Design, Documentation, Project Management
Location: 2/741 Pacific Hwy, Gordon NSW 2072

Partnering with Space For Health


Space For Health founder and experienced healthcare architect, Jean-Michel Huet, came on board in the beginning. Having worked with these specialists in a previous fit-out, he’d built a great relationship with Gordon Eye Surgery and knew that their hardworking and dedicated team deserved only the best for this brand new site.


Finding the right site wasn’t easy – there is a plethora of specific requirements to take on board for a practice of this type, and we had to make sure it was perfect. When we found the rather unique site in Gordon (on Sydney’s upper North Shore) and completed our tenancy feasibility study, everything came together. It had enough space inside for the specialist equipment, enough room for an ample car park, and most importantly, it was in a good location for their existing client base.

Optimal efficiency for workflow recovery

Gordon Eye Surgery’s new facility is large, and an important factor in the design was to create a flow throughout the space that would make it easier for staff to get from A to B, and easier for patients to get where they need to be. Due to the size, we are able to create a circular workflow, where patients can easily go from the reception, to the consulting room, to where they are treated, through to a lounge for recovery and then back to reception. We were also able to create efficient pathways for staff, to streamline their movements.

Where technology meets aesthetics

Eye treatment equipment needs to meet requirements that other medical disciplines don’t. This meant designing the right atmosphere to ensure that this cutting edge software can work efficiently. To do this, we needed to make considerations around how the equipment would work – some required total dark to perform, while others could be kept in the same area to remove the need for patients to walk from room to room and machine to machine. The site utilises natural light in its recovery lounge, as well as plants and soft tones to provide a healing environment. We used natural elements like timber along with bright colours, tile mosaics and a feature wall in the entrance. The
result is modern, but natural and welcoming.

At Space For Health, we understand how healthcare professionals work, and we also understand design and building compliance standards – we have everything needed to design, build and fit out a medical practice that works for your team and your patients. For more information about our services and what we can do for you, contact us today.